Do Not Buy a Used Car Without a Pre-purchase Inspection

The title of this blog post may sound ominous, but it’s important to make sure any used car you want to buy is in excellent shape. Even if the dealer has certified it, it has an interest in selling the car. As such, hire our certified technicians to inspect your potential new-to-you car to make sure it is in excellent shape and has not been in any unreported accidents. You do not want to end up with a used car that needs continuous repairs. This is unnecessary if you do your due diligence.

Don’t Just Kick the Tires

You should inspect the car thoroughly yourself. Don’t just kick the tires. Inspect the tires to see if they have plenty of tread that is wearing down evenly. Test all of the systems, such as the entertainment, HVAC, and navigation systems. Test all of the USB or 12-volt outlets, too, to make sure they are working.

Check the car for strange things such as paint that is a different color or sitting unevenly on the wheels. Inspect the interior to make sure it is in good shape. Don’t be afraid to really look at the car from roof to tires to make certain you cannot find any problems.

Take an Extended Test Drive

It is also important to extend the test drive beyond a block. Make sure to drive the vehicle for an extended period over different road surfaces to ensure that there isn’t any strange reaction or vibration. Also, you want to drive the vehicle at different speeds to make certain the engine does not have problems performing at higher speeds. If the vehicle does not respond well to the test drive, it’s time to look for another used car to purchase.

Let Professionals Inspect the Vehicle

Finally, give us a chance to inspect and test the vehicle to make sure everything is in order. We will test everything, including the computer system, the dashboard warning lights, the cooling system, the brake system, the power steering system, the fuel system, and the transmission.

We will also inspect the vehicle’s engine to make sure there is nothing wrong such as worn belts or hoses, leaking fluids, or an old battery. It is important to make sure that this vehicle is like new even though it is used, and we will make sure this is the case.

Call us today to set up an appointment for of pre-purchase inspection if you are considering purchasing a used car.

Written by Developer Autoshop