Is It OK To Drive On Empty?

Most of us have been in this situation: We’ve worked all day. It was an early morning, the day has been stressful, and now it is finally time to head home. Traffic is insane and your short drive has suddenly become a long one. All of the sudden, you hear the ping and see on the dash that your gas light has just been activated. The absolutely last thing you want to do now is stop and fill up your gas tank, so you decide to skip it and worry about the chore in the morning. But is this really an OK practice? Motorworks of Florida explains why it probably isn’t a good idea to drive on empty.

You Car Is Designed To Have Gas

Your car was designed to have its fuel pump submerged in gasoline. When you drive on empty, the fuel pump may misfire or malfunction, due to a lack of gasoline. Any mechanic will tell you that fuel pumps are not only difficult to repair or replace, but the process can also be prohibitively expensive. Drivers who routinely let their car go down to an empty gas tank can cause major problems, not just with the fuel pump, but with the sediment that can get stirred up by the practice. This sediment can clog various parts of your fuel line and cause further problems. From a car health perspective, it is always better to get gas when you need it.

You Could Run Out Of Gas

This one is more obvious. When you drive on empty, you run the risk of running out of gas and finding yourself stranded. At that point, you’d better hope your cell phone is charged to call a tow truck or that you’ve got your walking shoes with you. Pretty embarrassing. Also, cars that run out of gas tend to face mechanic problems, especially if it happens on a chronic basis. So, again, rather than face the embarrassment, just stop and get gas when your car needs it.

Just Get Some Gas

Not only is running out of gas embarrassing, it can also damage your car. If you are worried about your fuel line because of chronic driving on empty, make an appointment with the experts at Motorworks of Florida in Sanford, FL. We would be happy to take a look and make recommendations.

Written by Developer Autoshop