Signs I’ve Got an Electrical Problem in the Engine

Electrical problems and automobiles do not mix. If you have an electrical problem in the engine of your car, SUV, or truck, the problem could produce an electrical fire. It is important to have the electrical system inspected if you are having any of the problems listed below. If you believe that the electrical system is getting too hot, have your vehicle towed to our shop rather than driving it.

Battery Light

Sometimes, an electrical problem will trigger the engine control module to turn on the battery light. This light covers the electrical system as well as the battery and alternator. If this light turns on, you can be certain that your vehicle has something going on with the electrical system.

Blown Fuses

It is rare to have to change a fuse in your automobile. If you have a problem with the fuses blowing in the fuse box, your vehicle has an electrical problem. This can be a sign that the electrical system is getting overloaded. Unfortunately, an overloaded system can be a dangerous system.

Burning Odors

Another sign that the electrical system is too hot is burning odors inside your automobile or coming from the engine. If there is too much power surging through the electrical system, it will overheat the wires. The hot wires will overheat the rubber that insulates them. You will be able to smell this heat.

Dead Battery

The battery light may turn on because the battery is dying. This could be because the battery is too old or the alternator is no longer charging it. Either problem is an electrical system problem because the battery and alternator are part of your vehicle’s electrical system.

Difficult Starts

In fact, if the alternator or battery is having problems, it will get difficult to start your vehicle. This could be because of the alternator, battery, or starter. The starter relies on power from the battery in order to turn over the engine to begin engine combustion.

Faulty Accessories

Finally, your accessories may also tell you that you have an electrical problem. Specifically, the power accessories may slow down and things like the navigation system and entertainment system made malfunction. You may also have difficulties with your automobile’s lights.

We can help with your electrical system problems, so call us today to schedule a service appointment for your automobile. We would be happy to inspect the system and give you a detailed estimate to repair it.

Written by Developer Autoshop