Signs You Need A Brake Check-Up

A lot can go wrong with your car that doesn’t need immediate attention. If your AC conks out and you don’t mind being hot, you can probably put off that repair. If your windshield is broken, you can just stick your head out the window like Ace Ventura (just kidding). But in all seriousness, the part of your vehicle you can’t ignore when it begins to fail is your brakes. Your brakes are the part of the car most responsible for your safety on the road, so when they are in trouble, you are in trouble. If your brakes exhibit any of the following warning signs, get your car into the team of experts at Motorworks of Florida and let us have a look.

Squealing, Squeaking, Or Grinding

If your brakes are making squealing, grinding, or screeching noises (pick your adjective; we can all hear that noise in our minds), that is your car’s way of telling you your brakes need attention. Usually, it means that the parts of your braking system designed to wear out and protect the permanent components are getting too worn to continue to be utilized. Your brake pads or shoes are these parts, and noise from your brakes means that they need replacing sooner rather than later. Putting this off can result in major damage to your braking system, so at the first peep from your brakes, you need to get them serviced.

Trouble Stopping The Car

Pretty self-explanatory that you’d have problems stopping your car if your brakes are going bad, but there is more to it than that. Obviously brake failure could be detrimental, even deadly, but your car will warn you before this happens. If you notice your brake pedal feels spongy or it takes more effort from you to get your car to stop, you’ve got a problem on your hands. Even if you notice you need more of the road ahead to fully stop the vehicle, that is a good indicator you need service as well. Don’t ignore these problems; take notice and have us take a look.

Make an Appointment

At Motorworks of Florida in Sanford, FL, we want everyone to make it safely to their destination. Part of making sure that happens is with regular brake services, and emergency service if you notice either of these problems. Make an appointment and keep your brakes safe!

Written by Developer Autoshop